Giving Statements

New Life Tabernacle uses a self-print giving statement system, which brings increased efficiency and cost savings for the church.  It also allows individuals to view/print their giving statement at their convenience.  Giving statements for the current tax year are available online through Church Community Builder (CCB).  Please follow the instructions below to print your giving statement.

No login or password for CCB?  Sign up now.


To sign up for an account, click on this link CCB, then click on “Sign Up” at the bottom of the login form. When signing up, you must use the information that was giving to the the church staff at the time you joined the church for the CCB database to find your information. You will then receive an email with a link with further instructions on setting up your new CCB account.


Once you have signed up or if you have logged into CCB before…


Login Now

  1. Login using your username and password. Click following link to access login page CCB
  2. Click on “Give” from the menu in the left column.
  3. Choose “Schedules/History”.
  4. Choose “Giving Statement” to your right.
  5. Choose ” Individual” or “Family”
  6. There should be a pop-up window where you can choose options for printing.
    1. For example: “Individual” Custom report “January 1, 2015” to “December 31, 2015”.
  7. After choosing your options, hit “Run Report”
  8. A report will be generated as a .pdf file that you can open or save the file.

If you are UNABLE to print your own statement, contact us by email at, or fill out the Giving Statement Request form that will be available in the vestibule and turn it in to the office.  We will assist you or arrange to provide your giving statement as quickly as we can.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]