N.H. Henderson Scholarship Guidelines

The New Life Tabernacle Church of God In Christ will award the N.H. Henderson Scholarship to students who are graduating from high school in an “of the area” school districts. Scholarship selections will be based on the completion of the N.H. Henderson Scholarship application, written essay and documented church, school and community service involvement. Financial need is not a consideration. Scholarship money will be paid directly to each recipient’s academic institution to cover the costs of tuition, fees and other required educational expenses.


Scholarship Guidelines


Applicant Must

Be high school senior graduating in Spring 2017
Reside within one of the Houston metropolis districts
Plan to attend a two year college, technical institute or a four year college or university
Be a current member of New Life Tabernacle Church in good standing and actively participating in a Youth Ministry


The Application Must:
• Be typed or printed legibly in black ink
• Be completed in its entirety and signed by the applicant


The Application Must Include the Following:
• An official transcript which includes current SAT or ACT scores
• A recent photo
• A typewritten essay of 200 – 300 words, detailing “Why you should receive the N.H.


Henderson Scholarship.”
• All essays should use the following specifications:
• Paper size 8.5 x 11
• 12 point font size
• Calibri font
• Two (2) letters of recommendation
• One letter must be from a school official of the high school you are attending
• One letter must be from a church leader (not a parent) who can certify your involvement within a ministry
• Proof of recent community service




Please mail completed applications to:

New Life Tabernacle Church of God in Christ
N.H. Henderson Scholarship Committee
3021 De Soto Street
Houston, Texas 77091


For additional information or questions, please contact Elder Christopher Y. Quillen via email at